Paris 1962                                    



Women Then: 1950- 1970


Kent Williams: Amalgam                   


   Hamilton Yokota – Freak 



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My goal is simple: to make visual art and design accessible and relevant.

Book Essays like Paris 1962bring the creative glamour of history to life.

Written Reviews and Profiles like Mod Mod Met, introduce the power brokers.

Video Reviews present a cross section of new exhibitions from NY & LA.


Dan Witz: In Plain View 30 Years of Art Illegal and Otherwise

DNF Gallery, book by Ginko Press

Video Features

New York & LA – gallery openings February 2012

Video Reviews – Greer Lankton: A Memoir
Greer Lankton – – Alan Shields: Garden of Life
Alan Shields – – Shamim Momin: Eye Candy vs. Hard Candy

Eye Candy –

Written Profiles

Realm of the Senses                                                 Seaman Schepps

James Cohan Gallery                                                Museum of Art and Design

New York Press                                                           New York Press


Jasper Just                                                                   Dr. John Biggers

Perry Rubinstein Gallery                                            Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

New York Press                                                           New York Press


Written Reviews

Patricia Piccinini: Not As We Know It

Haunch of Venison Gallery



The Ron Dominguez Collection of Low Brow Art



Titi Freak:Vida Apaixonada

Jonathan Le Vine Gallery

Now On: with Julia Morton



Miami Design Fair: Is Design Art?



Egon Schiele & Hope Gangloff

Galerie St. Etienne & Susan Inglett Gallery

Now On: for



Yue Minjun: Smile-isms & Min Kim: New Work

Arario Gallery & Bill Brady’s ATM Gallery

Now On: for



Kerry James Marshall:Black Romantic

Jack Shainman Gallery

Now On: with Julia Morton



Sofi Zezmer: Remote Control

Mike Weiss Gallery



More Videos

Sui-Me Tse                                                             Default State: Ryan Wallace

Peter Blum Gallery                                               Morgan Lehman Gallery

New York Press                                          




X by Y: Daniel Rozin                                                Ruven Afanador: Mil Besos
Bit Forms Gallery                                                    Throckmorton Gallery                                           



Seonna Hong: Animus                                            Sugar and Stress Group Show

5BE Gallery                                                                Fredericks Freiser Gallery

New York Press                                                        New York Press



Carmen Herrera                                                       Graffolution: Frankie Velez

Latin Collector                                                           Soap Stone Gallery

New York Press                                                        CityArts NYC



More Reviews

I am a writer, but I think of myself as a kind of translator, I convert the complex language of visual art into plain English.

Writing is my second career, my first was in fashion design. In 1981, shortly after I graduated from Pratt Institute, I opened my boutique, Einstein’s, in New York’s East Village. I used fashion to explore themes like gender and language-in my case body language.



In 1985, an alternative monthly magazine, The East Village Eye, asked me to edit their fashion section. That was the beginning of my transition into writing. By the late 1990s, I was working full time as a writer, covering visual art for newspapers, magazines, and online sites including Chapel Hill News, San Diego Union Tribune, Art Papers, New York Press, and


Over the years, my work has been published in columns, numerous catalogs, and four book essays. Six years ago, I expanded into video; filming art exhibitions and adding my review commentary via voice over for posting on magazine websites.

I work regularly with a variety of galleries, producing monthly exhibition statements, press releases, newsletters, and blog entries. I also work directly with artists, helping them create statements, and catalog essays.