I am a writer, but I think of myself as a kind of translator, I convert the complex language of visual art into plain English.

Writing is my second career, my first was in fashion design. In 1981, shortly after I graduated from Pratt Institute, I opened my boutique, Einstein’s, in New York’s East Village. I used fashion to explore themes like gender and language-in my case body language.



In 1985, an alternative monthly magazine, The East Village Eye, asked me to edit their fashion section. That was the beginning of my transition into writing. By the late 1990s, I was working full time as a writer, covering visual art for newspapers, magazines, and online sites including Chapel Hill News, San Diego Union Tribune, Art Papers, New York Press, and Artnet.com.


Over the years, my work has been published in columns, numerous catalogs, and four book essays. Six years ago, I expanded into video; filming art exhibitions and adding my review commentary via voice over for posting on magazine websites.

I work regularly with a variety of galleries, producing monthly exhibition statements, press releases, newsletters, and blog entries. I also work directly with artists, helping them create statements, and catalog essays.